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Broadcaster, author, musician, and public speaker, Julie Lavender, is a rare blend. She’s a heartfelt singer-songwriter, a classically trained guitarist and pianist, who is naturally inclined to swing. Julie is a studio pro and influencer who thrives on creative innovation and connecting with her audiences. But not so long ago, Julie was paralyzed by stage fright. Now, as an overcomer of disabling performance anxiety, Julie has a passion to help others beat their fear and anxiety by creating music, broadcasts, story and mentoring experiences that help unleash the Designer’s dreams planted inside each of us.


In 2006, Lavender converted her family’s renovated barn on their historic New Hampshire farm into the venue for their intimate jazz soirees that have attracted top performers from across New England and beyond. Artists who perform at DreamFarm events showcase their original music and also typically collaborate with Ms. Lavender on her tunes. The success of these soirees sparked demand for live radio broadcasts.

DreamFarm Radio

After winning New Hampshire magazine’s “Best Of” award for her regional radio show in 2010, Julie decided to take the DreamFarm live experiences to listeners across the country. Launched in 2012, DreamFarm Radio has become an internationally-syndicated radio experience heard on dozens of public radio stations across the nation. Julie regularly collaborates with top musicians from around the world who share their fresh jazz-inspired musical synergies on the program.


The Amazing Book Series

In 2023, Julie Lavender’s new kids’ books hit the shelves. The Amazings Series for kids 9-12+ captivates young readers, taking them on a fantastical romp with a family that refuses to conform to the pressures of elite powers that seek to control them. Risking everything to be different, they enter a wildly weird realm and encounter overwhelming forces that will rock their world. Together this family and their amazing kids overcome mind-boggling pressures and perils with the supernatural power of Wonder.


Composer and Vocalist

In her groundbreaking CD release, The Siddur Project, Lavender set English texts of ancient poetic liturgical prayers to fresh, jazz-influenced music creating a multi-layered recording for spirit and soul alike. The CD features the talents of some of the East Coast’s finest jazz musicians. Lavender also created paintings for the project that are visual reflections of the songs. Together art, music, poetry, and prayer blend seamlessly to engage her audience on multiple levels.

Lavender’s musical projects have included a full-scale jazz cantata, Rising: A Modern Cantata for the World to Come. With its enchanting musical vistas, unexpected vocal melodies and contagious grooves, this hip new approach to the classical cantata form, appeals to listeners with a wide range of sensibilities. Rising was arranged by Grammy-nominated jazz orchestra composer and saxophonist, Kim Richmond, who also performed on the recording along with of 4-time Grammy award-winning cellist Eugene Friesen and numerous topflight Hollywood studio musicians and Boston area professionals.

Lavender’s earlier CDs, Good Woman and Never Felt The Sun, earned national airplay and critical acclaim. Tracks from Never Felt The Sun and Interior Design were selected for inclusion on “Jazz on Disc” CDs that accompany print copies of the popular Jazziz magazine.


Presence Jazz

As her field of creative endeavors continues to grow, Julie is developing a “Presence Jazz” livestream project to bring Jazz-influenced worship experiences to the world. Collaborating with musicians and artists across New England she is exploring fresh sounds to accompany intimate encounters with Jesus.


Passionate about helping others achieve freedom and wholeness, Julie offers a 14-week, multi-dimensional, purpose-focused transformation program called StageBrightTM, in which she empowers people to overcome Fear’s icy tentacles, release their muted voices, undermined talents, and minimized expressions. Julie’s unique approach employs, story-telling, art, music, brain-training, prayer, and encounter experiences to help people beat their paralyzing fears and take center stage in their own stories.


“Julie Lavender is a classically trained guitarist and singer/songwriter and this is her second album showcasing mostly her own songs. The style is a cross between classical and smooth jazz, with a little Latin flavoring, aided by her extremely honeyed soprano voice which I have to say is very easy on the ear indeed. The album is well produced, the musicianship high quality all the way.– jazz flautist Hubert Laws guests on several tracks. The theme of the recording is life and experiencing it to the full, so the songs embrace the whole gamut of emotions…this is a very mellifluous album.”


 …A Jazz singer by trade, Julie Lavender’s vocals add new vulnerability to her repertoire. The personal content of the lyrics and tones are a great risk… the scant production and Lavender’s vocals aptly wrestle with interior strife and revelation… The [music] reinforces the reverence that Lavender’s words deliver.”


“Julie Lavender: filling the air with her music and love!”


Julie Lavender is a triple treat: a guitarist/pianist/vocalist whose styles range from classical to jazz to pop. Lavender shows that she’s more than just a pretty name, taking a mellifluous approach that breathes new life into cover songs, as well as setting off sparks with original tunes-Lavender’s voice is simultaneously vibrant, precise and evocative…”


“Just call jazz singer Julie Lavender superwoman. Since moving here from Southern California in 2003, she’s created a music venue in her barn, picked up a radio show, and recently released another CD. Oh, and did we mention that she produced the CD and home schools her kids? Now, Julie is making her debut at Boston’s premiere Jazz Club, Sculler’s. Catch the show!”


“Julie Lavender is one of those daring musical artists who doesn’t worry about formats and categories. She merely creates original, heartfelt music that blends mainstream and contemporary jazz with pop and adult contemporary sounds into a modern hybrid perfect for today’s sophisticated audience. Julie has a lovely soprano voice which she combines with keyboard, guitar and a group of world-class musicians. You will enjoy her original compositions.”


A delightful album full of surprises, wonderful vocals, exceptional arrangements and musicianship. The music business is such a fickle business where cream is only discovered by cherry picking from a massive selection of brilliant musicians like Julie Lavender.”


Coming-of-age records by a player with chops that come honestly from a long family line of line of involvement with music. A song cycle of awakening the spirit, helped by some serious jazz cats led by Hubert Laws. Broadway great Hugh martin even drops by to lend a hand. Poignant, personal set that will easily find a home with open-eared seekers.”


“This lady is not to be lumped into any category. Strong jazz leanings, but her writing and singing style makes it a unique experience that will be enjoyed by any listener who isn’t afraid to hear something fresh and new. Liner notes make much of those accompanying her, and while it’s true that they add much to the listening, it’s Julie whose talent is not to be missed!



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I offer truly unique and effective ways to bring lasting freedom on all levels of your being through exciting books, teaching, brain-training and reflective healing experiences that employ story, neural science, art, music, and prayer - so you can connect with Purpose-Focused Transformation!

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