“All the arts we practice are apprenticeships. The big art is our life.” – M.C. Richards  


Morning Song by Julie Lavender from “Never Felt the Sun”


As a composer I love to surprise the ear, creating music that is a fresh synthesis of jazz, pop, classical and world elements. It's a joy to write songs that are "sound mirrors" of my canvases. Sometimes l think of my voice like a paint brush full of color, dancing across each musical landscape. Hear my music»


As an artist, it's interesting to experience some of my songs literally becoming paintings. These paintings unfold in brilliant, full spectrum color to become visual metaphors for the many shades and hues of meaning in the lyrics, melodies and vocal expressions of the music. Take a look at my paintings»

Radio Show Host

Fascinated by the creative process, I delight in exploring the worlds of the musician and artist. On my nationally-syndicated radio show, DreamFarm Café we lay out a feast for the ears and hearts of the listeners. It’s a show for both sides of the brain…intuitive and analytical. Check out the show»